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Robinsbite: My Heart Belongs to All Things Caramel-Including These!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Heart Belongs to All Things Caramel-Including These!

I've recently renewed my love for something caramel-y and I have to share. I became familiar with these little nuggets of goodness a few years back when I used to buy them individually and pass them out to my staff during a particularly rough day. A square of chocolate always brightened the mood.

So these squares of deliciousness came back into my life when I realized that everywhere I turned around, they were there! The grocery store, the pharmacy, the gas station. I was happy to see them, but knew I had to approach with caution.

From the Ghirardelli website: Our Milk Chocolate with Caramel SQUARES™ chocolate delivers the perfect balance of intense Ghirardelli milk chocolate and a rich buttery center. Our smooth caramel center is so popular and uniquely delicious, we offer it with two different chocolate shells: milk chocolate and 60% cacao dark chocolate.

I know the dark chocolate is better for me and my heart. I know there are better chocolates out there. But guess what? I can't say no to G's milk chocolate with caramel filling. I'm okay with the 52 calories and 2.8 grams of fat that come with one of those delicious squares. How to eat just one? Here's the trick: Buy the package filled with the mixture of fillings (mint, raspberry, white vanilla, peanut butter) and give those away.

My heart stays true only to the caramel.

Find these yummy treats here and any grocery store, pharmacy or gas station. I wouldn't be surprised if they wound up in vending machines soon.

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