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Stop Blaming the Food Industry for America's Obesity Problem

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Robinsbite: Stop Blaming the Food Industry for America's Obesity Problem

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stop Blaming the Food Industry for America's Obesity Problem

Guess what? It's time to take personal responsibility for our growing epidemic-Obesity. Food service establishments, while exceedingly prevalent, are not to blame for the problem. We are.

Eating out is a matter of fact. It's also a matter of fact that there are healthful, fresh and nutrient rich items on virtually every single menu out there. Don't believe me? Guess again. Check out your favorite restaurant's websites. Most have nutritional analysis available for you to review. Many also have done the work for you in terms of picking out a healthful option. You just have to make the choice. And that's the key--making the choice.

A great new resources for those who are serious about finding and making the best choices can look to Hope Warshaw's new book Eat Out, Eat Right. This takes you step by step through the menu and teaches the good, the bad and the ugly. Hope is a pretty cool lady who knows her stuff. She's also a Diabetes guru. Books can be found on or Check it out.


Blogger Dr.Ronald Wills said...

Obesity is certainly a growing problem. Over the last 20 years, obesity in adults has rocketed with more than 60% in men and 50% in women. And the signs are that this problem won't improve. In children aged between 2 and 15, 28% of girls and 22% of boys are overweight.

October 4, 2008 at 1:37 AM  

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