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Robinsbite: 10 MORE Things I Learned at IACP

Monday, April 21, 2008

10 MORE Things I Learned at IACP

In keeping with the theme from the post below...

10 More Things I Learned at IACP

1. The LA Times Food Writer Russ Parsons refuses to read another article with the word term agribusiness. In his words: Farming without "business" is called gardening.

2. 80% of all almonds are grown in California.

3. Recycled paper costs more to create than non-recycled due to the expense of collection, sorting and de-inking.

4. The Wisconsin Cheese Board has created a cheese pairing guide that recommends other foods with their tasty cheeses. For example, pair soft, fresh cheeses with candied red graperuit rind, honey and maple syrup, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and bread or edamame. for more info.

5. Noted Chef John Besh is a delight in person. Restaurant August is housed in a historic, four-story "French-Creole" building and has all of the charm and ambiance you might imagine. You may know Besh from his 2nd place finish in the Food Network's Next Iron Chef competition last

6. Besch is notably shy and yet was quite an extrovert as he chatted with our table twice and posed for photos. The entire experience was quite memorable!

7. Chef Paul Prudhomme is the darling of New Orleans. His Magic Seasoning Blends are sold in all fifty states and in more than thirty other countries around the world.

8., 9., and 10. Highlights of the exhibit hall included: the dishdrawer by Fisher and Paykel Appliances, Reynolds Wrap Vacuum Sealing System and the Focaccia with Grapes and Rosemary at the Grapes from California Table.

Great conference. Looking forward to next year.


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